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2016 Marshal's                            AM Peggie6entry
PM Mary Headley & PM Brochelle Corks     Deadline to post is last Friday

I will carefully preserve in sacred and inviolable secrecy, and under no circumstances improperly divulge any of the ceremonies, signs or passes belonging to the Order of the Eastern Star.

I will cheerfully obey the constitution and all the rules and regulations of the Grand Chapter and the by-laws of the Chapter of which I may be a member.

I will, so far as in my power, liberally dispense to my Sisters and Brothers advice in their troubles, sympathy in their sorrows, and aid in their misfortunes.

I will cautiously avoid speaking evil of my sisters or brothers, or performing any acts of injustice or unkindness toward them.

To all these pledges I covenant my honor as a woman or man.